All About Uses of Waterproof Paper

It was believed that underground street racing began in 1964, however some sources suggests that it started out earlier back in the 1930s. Although unsanctioned and unrecognized it is undeniable that street racing has had a huge success over the years and at times they even welcome the idea of being the most wanted racers as a compliment. In recent times street racing has become the most popular illegal motor sport, aside from the cold cash won instantly after each race or a set of race, the best racer also gets the reputation of being an elite driver which is more valued than the money won.

The Engine
A car can only go as fast as its engine and with poor engine performance a car is almost worth junk in the underground racing world. This is why stock engines are replaced with the more aggressive ones that packs a lot of horsepower in them. Some engines that already possess more than 200 horsepower are just tweaked and tuned up a bit and do not need to be replaced, they mostly adjust the fuel injection system to pump more liters of fuel into the combustion chamber. This is especially true for the six cylinders and eight cylinders engine and to burn more fuel efficiently they also add turbo chargers which pumps oxygen into the combustion chamber as well.

Another added package is nitroglycerine which increases the speed of the car by as much as 30%, this is why street racers use this chemical at the last minute to boost their cars to the finish line.

The Break Kits
Because of the upgrades the car will get an increase in power and acceleration and the faster the car goes the harder it is going to be to make it stop. That is why quality break kits are also needed to compensate for the monster speeds that the car now has.

The Rims, Tires and Suspension Systems
Upgrades on rims, suspension systems and tires are also equally important as much as the other parts are, this is because they can help improve traction and overall performance of the vehicle. This is very crucial, especially in making tight turns and drifting, the better the center of gravity the better the traction.

The Chassis
The car’s external appearance or cover is called the chassis, the physics of aerodynamics particularly the streamlining of the chassis is important to reduce drag. That is why it is being replaced by a more streamlined chassis, although some consider the aesthetic essence of the cars by getting a new chassis. As much as I am hesitant to admit it, streamlined chassis does indeed look awesome and considering this is street racing so anything goes!

The Decals
While legal racing is polarized in capitalism, street racing is more about the soul of the driver and how he and the car are one. So it’s no surprise to see flame decals, tribal decals, art decals and other forms of decals on street racing vehicles than what you normally see in a grand prix event or the Indie 500, where it is mostly company names and logos are placed all over the car like it was a ad board. Some use synthetic paper as an alternative to decal paper for various types of artworks on their cars.

All this is what makes street racing so exciting, because anyone can get behind the wheel and look great in it.


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